Brilliant Uses For Coffee Grounds.

  1. Skin care: Several new skin care products have been using coffee as an exfoliate and revitalizer. It’s great to make a simple mask with coffee that will help you feel younger. Coffee is also well known for its antioxidant capacity, just adding another benefit to this use.
  2. Coffee Grounds for Plants as Fertilizer: Coffee grounds are rich in nitrogen which helps plants grow better and has a real positive outcome for any plants you may be growing. Just add it to the soil and it will add nitrogen plus it will help with the pH balance. Overall coffee will help keeping your soil rich, check the next use.
  3. Worm Attractor: It’s a weird use but worms are attracted to coffee, and if you use it as fertilizer, they will come and help with the fertilization process, which is always a plus. Worms will keep the earth beneath your plants healthy. Worms are rather good for the soil and they should always be welcomed.
  4. Coffee Grounds Compost: Keeping up with the gardening uses, if you like making compost, coffee will be a great addition to it because of the aforementioned hydrogen. Therefore it will make a more powerful mix. A good coffee compost can truly change the outcome of a harvest and improve the health of any plant.
  5. Begone Pests: Worms may like coffee but some other unwelcome insects are not fans, like slugs or snails, who can eat crops and can be a plague. Coffee will keep those pests at bay since they don’t like the acidic composition of coffee.
  6. Carrots and Radish boost: These 2 vegetables love the coffee compositions. If you add it to the soil where you will grow them, it will prove to be a great boost and increase the harvest. These 2 vegetables in particular take a lot of benefits from coffee.
  7. Bad Odors: Coffee will actually help you get rid of food odors, really common in most fridges. Another substance used is soda ash, which also get rid of the odors, but the coffee is a convenient option. Make sure to check in regularly as mold can grow on moist coffee grounds.
  8. Cleaning product: Coffee is an abrasive. It can be used for skin care, and you can use it at the same time to clean food stuck on dishes. For example, the best part is that it comes together with the next use!
  9. Coffee for the plumbing: Coffee will help you clean the plumbing of your sink. So after you done with the dish cleaning, the coffee that goes into the plumbing will continue to clean it and avoid any clogging. This also works with garbage disposals! Use the coffee to clean dishes and then it will keep the plumbing unclogged, what a great thing!
  10. Anti-Ice: The coffee grounds can be used, like salt, to melt snow or ice during the weekend. It will keep that driveway clean and allow you to drive safely without contaminating anything! It will also help with traction on the ice sheets that can form in certain places.
  11. Keep the cats at bay: If your neighbor has cats that love eating your flowers, just throw some coffee grounds. The cats will avoid it at all costs. This can simply help to keep your garden safe or at least clean. Cats are good for keeping pests at bay but they can also be bad for a garden.
  12. Ash control: If you have a fireplace, adding some coffee grounds to the ash will allow you to clean it without having that ash cloud getting everywhere. Ash clouds are also quite unhealthy so this is a must!
  13. Better than soap: In hand with the bad odors point, rubbing your hands with coffee after chopping something like garlic or onions will help getting rid of the smell, which is something most soap brands can’t do.
  14. Coffee Cooking: Another use for coffee grounds is that of spice. You can add a lot of different flavors to meat or chicken. For example, use it as a crust to bake a nice piece of beef in the oven. Coffee overall is great for cooking and baking so it’s always good to keep it in mind.
  15. Air Freshener: You can make little bags of air freshener by simple putting coffee grounds in a sock. You can take this little ball to your living room or even to your car to keep odors away. It will also have a nice smell.
  16. Pet’s shampoo: Fleas are another pest that dislike coffee, therefore you can add it to your pet’s shampoo and it will keep those pesky insects at bay. Another advantage is that it keep the animal’s hair shiny and healthy.
  17. Human hair product: Coffee grounds can be used after shampoo. It makes sure that you got rid of all those impurities and oil that builds up over time on the hair. This is a natural way of keeping your hair healthy and will keep your shower unclogged!
  18. Making hygiene products: You can make soap, candles, scrubs, and as stated above, hair products. This will give you quite a few different products to experiment with, while being friendly with the environment. All these products share the main benefits of coffee: a good exfoliate, odor remover, and nutrient source.
  19. Ant repellent: Ants dislike coffee like other insects. These little guys can get inside houses rather easy so they deserve a special spot, since an ant invasion can’t be stopped easily. Think about using coffee ground to keep them away.
  20. Mosquito repellent: mosquitoes are what we should really be afraid of, since they carry massive amounts of dangerous diseases. If you dry coffee and add oil to it, the smoke will make the mosquitoes think twice.