Neapolitan espresso for over 50 years


  • 1960


Toraldo Coffee was founded in Naples in 1960. These are the first steps of the brand in the era of the big Italian economic boom.

he constant focus on innovation and attention to detail distinguish it on the coffee roaster market.

The first years of life in an economy based on personal relationships. A handshake is the currency of the time.

Some of the strong ties that will enable the brand to emerge in the next decades were born during these years.

  • 1970

The first production is the answer to the growing demand for Caffè Toraldo products.

The production on an industrial scale gives the company a renewed ability to enter the large domestic market. The Neapolitan espresso toured Italy.

Technological transformation traces the route to follow. The future is made of hard work, being never fully satisfied, to obtain a higher quality product.

The coffee is on the fire, is not out yet, but you can feel its scent.

  • 1990

In 1993 the market of caffè Toraldo has diversified to the point of requiring the opening of a new production factory in Casandrino.

Over the years the Caffè Toraldo while diversifying its products remains connected to its original core business, the "fine art of roasting", a source of the greatest successes of the company.

The constant urge to innovate technologies enhances the product in terms of quality, however, it remains firmly bound to the great tradition of Italian roasting.

Our identity is intimately linked to the coffee bean. In the past, the present and the future.

  • 2015

In 2006 it was inaugurated the current production factory in Carinaro, equipped with the latest technology in the coffee production sector.

Caffè Toraldo Brand activities have diversified including counseling for the opening of new bars, training courses and schools for the caffee making process.

The opening of new international markets, the activities related to the processing and preparation of the coffee. A history that renews itself.

Whatever the future, today like yesterday we bring the neapolitan espresso worldwide. They write Neapolitan espresso, you read Coffee Toraldo.